Press Release: Lynx Technology Enables Entertainment Via Voice in Askey QBee Box

SAN DIEGO, CA – 31 JULY 2018 – Lynx Technology a worldwide leader in interoperability for the connected home and IoT markets, today announced that its Twonky Server was chosen by Askey as the entertainment technology-of-choice for enabling voice-powered media streaming and aggregation for updates to their successful QBee Box.

The most recent version of the Askey QBee Box is unique in that it employs a voice user interface driven by the Amazon Alexa voice engine embedded in the box and the remote. Using Twonky, locally stored media files including photos, videos and music, can now be easily accessed via voice. Its smart home capabilities are further enabled through the QBee app, QBee Home, on a user’s smart phone, giving customers home automation and additional control and access to content and systems. The gateway, which comes with a terabyte of storage, supports multi-protocol wireless as well as LTE, and through Twonky offers the aggregation and streaming of locally stored media files. 

Streaming Media
Users will see unparalleled new access to their local media on the QBee Box, with the ability to stream media easier than ever before possible. Using Lynx’s Twonky Media Connectivity Solution, end users can turn QBee Box into an entertainment hub that is also DLNA-compliant. 

Media Aggregation
The Lynx Twonky Media Connectivity Solution also aggregates media files from all media servers within the home network. Instead of trying to locate disparate files across multiple devices, Twonky consolidates all files into a unified single point of access, easing search and retrieval. With the QBee Box voice implementation, end users can enjoy instant retrieval using simple natural language voice commands. The media files can be streamed to any enabled screen or speaker on the home network with Alexa commands.

“The QBee Box implementation is a great example of how Twonky has adapted over time to meet the ever-evolving requirements of entertainment media,” commented John Driver, CEO of Lynx. “With the release of high-quality streaming video and audio, multiple storage points of media within the home and various screens and speakers located throughout the home, end users want instantaneous access of all their files with simple voice commands. Twonky’s streaming of media and file aggregation, now demonstrated with voice activation, excels in the home environment and is a valuable service package, so companies like Askey can provide bundled offerings to their service provider customers.”

“The added value of offering entertainment driven by a voice interface is a true defining point for us at this time,” added Arthur Li, senior product director of Askey. “Users naturally interact with their environments using voice and entertainment systems should be no different. Alexa has made home automation, such as turning lights and music on and off, a natural occurrence and we are taking this one step further with the QBee Box to ensure our customers and their end users have the most positive experience with voice-driven applications using their media no matter where in the home it or they happen to be located. We are happy to partner with Lynx to make this happen.”

Askey is selling QBee Boxes through MSO providers, primarily in Europe and North America. For more information please visit or

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