Lynx Joins IoTivity Steering Group

Lynx Technology Joins IoTivity Steering Group 

Christian Gran, Lynx Technology VP Engineering named as IoTivity Planning Function Leader

San Diego, CA – March 28, 2017  – Lynx Technology announced today that Christian Gran, VP Engineering was named as the Planning Function Leader for the IoTivity Steering Group.  IoTivity is an open source software framework designed to enable seamless device-to-device connectivity to address the emerging needs of the Internet of Things. 

The IoTivity project is the reference implementation of the OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) specification.  IoTivity is hosted by the Linux Foundation and sponsored by OCF, which is a group of industry leaders such as Lynx Technology, who are developing a standard specification and certification program to address the challenges and opportunities of the Internet of Things (e.g. the Smart Home).

As Planning Function Leader, Mr. Gran will be tasked with gathering industry requirements to manage the IoTivity roadmap.   Mr. Gran holds a degree in Computer Science, has more than 20 years of experience in software development, and has been an active contributor to standardization committees such as W3C, ISO, Havi , UPnP and DLNA.  He has vast experience in system design and project management of various projects in the home environment, including: an MHEG-5 engine, a Havi-Stack and the DLNA compliant Twonky Server with premium video support. 

“The biggest barrier to mass adoption of the Smart Home is interoperability.  There are too many networks, protocols, standards and devices vying for supremacy in the Smart Home market.  This fragmentation is confusing for the consumer,” said John Driver, CEO of Lynx Technology. “We believe OCF and its open source implementation IoTivity, are taking a sensible approach to bring our industry together – for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.  Joining the IoTivity Steering Group is another example of our commitment to provide solutions for interoperability, that will transform the Smart Home into a mass market”.

Lynx recently announced its entrance into the Smart Home market during CES in January 2017.

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For Consumer Electronics companies, Service Providers and Content Providers who want to enable their devices to deliver media and smart home uses cases for consumers in the home, Lynx provides device connectivity software that allows consumers to quickly and securely discover and enjoy their media libraries and smart home devices, while coordinating and controlling them from any mobile device.

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