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In today’s competitive environment, partnering isn’t just nice to have, it’s a necessity.  Lynx is committed to partnering and that’s why we offer the Lynx ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Channel Program.  The ODM Channel Program helps our ODM Partners maximize their success in selling smart home solutions to Branded Product Manufacturers and Service Providers. 

If you are gateway, NAS, wireless router or STB ODM, the Lynx ODM Channel Program will make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for you to enter the smart home market with our smart home solution, Lynx MiND™ (an acronym for Managing Intelligent Networked Devices). 

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Lynx MiND is an OCF Certified smart home solution, which includes a rules engine, that will enable a gateway, NAS, wireless router or STB to be transformed into a central smart home hub.



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  • Lynx MiND is a smart home solution that includes a mobile app, cloud service and embedded engine. This means you don’t have to develop this capability in-house through a major investment and a large dedicated team.

  • Our reliable implementation eliminates the typical headaches and performance problems that are common with smart home solutions today.  Lynx Technology is without peer globally, when it comes to embedded software solutions for consumer electronics devices.  

  • The wide interoperability of Lynx MiND, with support for multiple standards and devices, will increase the speed and scope of your market penetration. As more OCF Certified smart devices enter the market, the more valuable your Lynx MiND embedded product will become.
  • Our team will provide Lynx MiND Engine integration support for your devices for prototype development.
  • You receive special ODM Channel Program pricing for Lynx MiND, leaving more margin for you.
  • Our subscription-based agreement ensures you keep pace with the latest technology advances and standards.   Lynx MiND upgrades and technical support are automatically included in our subscription-based agreement.




Benefits of the Lynx ODM Channel Program

The Lynx ODM Channel Program offers benefits to ODMs to help you market our Lynx MiND smart home solution worldwide.  Benefits include: special ODM pricing, OCF device certification support, prototype development support, Lynx MiND licenses and maintenance & support.


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Special ODM Pricing

We offer discounted pricing to ODMs in the program, thereby increasing your margins.


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OCF Device Certification Support

Our smart home product, Lynx MiND is OCF Certified.  We’ll support you through the OCF certification process for your device.


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Prototype Development Support

Our team will provide Lynx MiND Engine integration support for your devices for prototype development.

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Lynx MiND Licenses

Lynx will license the entire Lynx MiND solution to you, including the embedded Lynx MiND Engine package, the Lynx MiND Reference Application with APIs, and the Lynx Cloud Service..



Maintenance & Support

Lynx MiND upgrades and technical support are included for the term of the agreement.   


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Listing in Lynx Partner Directory

Your company will be promoted on our website as a Lynx ODM Partner, certified to resell the Lynx MiND smart home solution.



Ready to Partner With Lynx?

If you are ready to join the Lynx ODM Channel Program and maximize your success in selling smart home solutions, please contact us at: sales@lynxtechnology.com or +1 (855) 596 9832 ext 1. 

Lynx is a member of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF)