Got Media? Essential items to include in your equipment RFP

John Driver

Posted by John Driver

John Driver is Chairman and CEO at LynxTechnology.

December 09, 2020

Why providing specific language for media server technology in your RFP is a smart strategy.

RFP Blocks being placed by a robot hand with Lynx logoThe ongoing uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 crisis continues to challenge daily business operations, underscoring the importance of reliable media access. Service providers are looking to add new equipment but face challenges with the lengthy RFP process.

Lynx is here to help, specifically with respect to challenges like tight margins, considerable costs and the non-negotiable need for meticulous attention to detail.

We take steps to streamline these requirements by providing cut and paste RFP language. This ensures that consumer needs are met and expectations exceeded without the need to devote additional hours on developing requirements for this part of the RFP.

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With more than a third of the American workforce headquartered in their own homes, equipment must meet consumer needs and keep everyone connected. Let’s not forget that these consumer needs extend beyond the workday and include remote learning for students of all ages across the world, as well as the shift to telehealth over in-person medical appointments.

Entertainment is largely only available through streaming services as concert venues and theaters remain closed. In addition to music, movies and video games (fun fact: Fortnite and Call of Duty fans in Italy are blamed for a 70% spike in traffic), and even meals are increasingly managed online, whether through restaurant websites or delivery apps. 

We know that, despite this increased surge in online activity, the internet isn’t going to break anytime soon. However, systems are stressed and technologies need to step up with solutions like IPv6, Wi-Fi 6, tri-band routers, and device adaptation to support the media, data sharing, and devices required by the record-high number of home networks. The real asset comes from “ready to insert” RFP language for media servers. 

Here we take a look at the current realities driving the demand for state-of-the-art home network equipment and highlight how specific language in your RFP is the secret to customer satisfaction.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

Copy of Copy of Patent-Pending

Current demands on the home network due to the COVID trifecta of work/play/learn from home have created a ripple effect, with service providers worldwide suddenly ordering new devices to meet demand.

To meet this increased and urgent demand, service providers and operators are issuing RFPs at a rapid rate to equipment “box” manufacturers (residential gateways, routers, set-top boxes or STBs) with specific requests for what needs to be included in the offering. 

In the second quarter of 2020, Lynx learned (through conversations with our OEM customers) that they were seeing at least a 50% increase in RFPs. As the saying goes, “haste makes waste,” and it is easy to imagine a number of these RFPs marred by overlooked opportunities. 

While IPV6 and WI-FI 6 give new options to old home networks, “ready to insert” RFP language for media server requirements provide operators with a foolproof method to include all requisite information without the risk of missing an important detail.

This is critical because, as we know, writing RFPs for telecommunications equipment is painstaking and extremely important, certainly now more than ever. Errors, whether including incorrect information or forgetting a crucial detail, prove costly and can plague your massive investment with problems that could have been avoided. 

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The writer, George Saunders, believes that specificity and skill are essential to communication stating, “It's what's between us and chaos."  

Keep yourself out of the fray with the Twonky Media Server and deliver all the requirements of service providers’ equipment RFPs for media server technology. 17 years ago, Lynx's Twonky entered the market as a pioneer media server solution and the company has grown its offering to be the foremost industry authority on sophisticated distribution and storage of media today. 

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Why reinvent the wheel when we have one of the longest-tenured media server software solutions on the market featured in millions of devices?

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