Tim Miller

Director Pre-Sales Engineering & Smart Home Product Management, Lynx Technology

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How to Keep a Smart Home Smart (Even When Disconnected)

July 10, 2018
If there is any issue with your internet connection, your smart home is out of luck. So much goes into smart home controls, and most of it is in the Cloud. Have you ever really thought about all that goes on behind the scenes when you give a smart home command? It’s not simply saying “Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamp” and the light goes on – there are a whole lot of relayed commands in between that make the smart home a reality. Let’s look at a normal scenario – and you’ll quickly realize a major missing link in the smart home network. read full blog

The Lynx Five Golden Rules of Hackathons

May 03, 2018
In the early days of tech we had bakeoffs. Remember them? One tech or device pitted against another with the hopes of “winning” to secure bragging rights. The term was a play on the Pillsbury bakeoffs that were popular the middle to end of last century in the culinary world. read full blog

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