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Glossary of Industry Terms and Acronyms

March 07, 2016
Every industry has its jargon, and the technology industry is no exception. As you read the Lynx Technology blog and read about the connected home, you will come across a variety of industry terms and acronyms. Here is a handy post that will help explain some of the more common terms you will most likely encounter. We hope it is a helpful tool for our readers. read full blog

Highlights from CES and Parks CONNECTIONS Summit

January 28, 2016
Earlier this month I attended the two-day Parks Associates CONNECTIONS Summit that was held during the CES conference in Las Vegas. Our CEO John Driver was a panelist for the‘Cloud-based CE and Virtualization: Converging Video Services’  session that addressed the challenges and opportunities presented as OTT, broadcast and pay-TV worlds converge in a virtual space. (Among other things, our CEO pointed out that market adoption in North America is further along than elsewhere in the world; in much of Europe and Asia, for example, more consumers own their premium content than pay an OTT service provider. He also discussed how internet speed and bandwidth inside the consumer’s home varies across geographies and how it plays a major factor on the quality of an OTT experience, which certainly influences market adoption.) read full blog

The Naming of Lynx Technology

December 03, 2015
Following the acquisition of PacketVideo’s North American and European operations in March, our new entity (privately owned by J.M. Driver LLC) needed to come up with a company name. Thus began an exciting chapter for any new enterprise. read full blog

Announcing the Release of Twonky 8.2

October 20, 2015
Earlier today Lynx Technology announced the latest release of Twonky 8.2, the newest version of the world’s leading software development kit (SDK) for media connectivity. While Twonky has been the premier media connectivity solution for the connected home for more than a decade, this is the first update released as Lynx Technology. read full blog

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