Got Media? Essential items to include in your equipment RFP

December 09, 2020
Why providing specific language for media server technology in your RFP is a smart strategy. read full blog

Are you SURE you want open source?

November 12, 2020
A dynamic conversation we seem to have every day with customers interested in our DLNA media server software concerns open source. There are a handful of well-known open source alternatives to Lynx’s Twonky DLNA media server product offerings, and customers want to know “Why Twonky?” when a seemingly good solution exists that may satisfy a need. However, before taking the plunge into open source for anything – from web platforms to operating systems to software – there are several important factors to consider – which will ultimately drive the success of your initiative. Let’s look at the most important factors to consider for DLNA. read full blog

Technology Foresight and Preparation: A Patent Story

July 30, 2020
If we had a crystal ball that could predict the future of technology, what would it tell us? Most likely, it’ll be an iteration of technology from patent applications currently in progress. read full blog

IPv6 and Wi-Fi 6 Give New Options to Old Home Networks

June 05, 2020
Why upgrading residential media and broadband equipment to tri-band is a brilliant plan read full blog

Have you updated your Android app to 64-bit?

April 28, 2020
Google has spoken: you are going to have to soon. read full blog

Lynx Technology CEO John Driver Recognized as an NACD Governance Fellow

November 21, 2019
Lynx Technology today announced that the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) recently recognized its CEO John Driver as an NACD Governance Fellow. NACD Fellows, who earn NACD Fellowship—The Gold Standard Director Credential®— stand within the highest echelon of those committed to excellence in the boardroom.  read full blog

How to Keep a Smart Home Smart (Even When Disconnected)

July 10, 2018
If there is any issue with your internet connection, your smart home is out of luck. So much goes into smart home controls, and most of it is in the Cloud. Have you ever really thought about all that goes on behind the scenes when you give a smart home command? It’s not simply saying “Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamp” and the light goes on – there are a whole lot of relayed commands in between that make the smart home a reality. Let’s look at a normal scenario – and you’ll quickly realize a major missing link in the smart home network. read full blog

The Lynx Five Golden Rules of Hackathons

May 03, 2018
In the early days of tech we had bakeoffs. Remember them? One tech or device pitted against another with the hopes of “winning” to secure bragging rights. The term was a play on the Pillsbury bakeoffs that were popular the middle to end of last century in the culinary world. read full blog

Lynx Enters the Smart Home

January 03, 2017
Today I’m proud to announce our entrance into the Smart Home market with our new product, SmartLynx.  If you know Lynx, our beginnings go back to a company called PacketVideo.  PacketVideo began with a mission to watch live TV on a feature phone, way back in 1998.   Since then the company has evolved into Lynx, and our focus has been on connected home use cases around photos, videos and music.   We have become extremely adept in providing robust and reliable media sharing solutions to consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers across the globe.   We are somewhat invisible to the end consumer, but believe me we are there when they are beaming their favorite videos and photos to connected TVs, or playing their favorite tunes on their connected speakers.  We have been providing this capability for 13 years now, and have improved and innovated it every year. read full blog

Glossary of Industry Terms and Acronyms

March 07, 2016
Every industry has its jargon, and the technology industry is no exception. As you read the Lynx Technology blog and read about the connected home, you will come across a variety of industry terms and acronyms. Here is a handy post that will help explain some of the more common terms you will most likely encounter. We hope it is a helpful tool for our readers. read full blog

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