Currently in beta release, SmartLynxTM is the new offering from Lynx Technology for the Smart Home market.  We are developing SmartLynx as a smart home connectivity platform, which includes a rules engine, that will effectively make products such as wireless routers, gateways, STBs and NAS devices, "smart home ready".  

SmartLynx is a lean yet powerful software platform, developed 100% in house by Lynx, to allow customers of device manufacturers to easily coordinate and control the features of their products, to interoperate with smart home devices and services.

In future commercially available versions of SmartLynx, devices such as wireless routers, gateways, STBs and NAS devices which are embedded with SmartLynx will allow consumers to discover renderers and other smart home devices (e.g. thermostats, lights, locks, cameras, AppleTV, Chromecast, DLNA-enabled media renderers etc.), across a range of smart home protocols in the home.  SmartLynx will ensure reliable interoperability with these devices from a central control point, using a companion app and the SmartLynx Rules EngineTM.

try out our smartlynx beta

Our beta version of SmartLynx is now available.  To try it out, click on the button below:

 Register for SmartLynx Beta

What Can you Do With the SmartLynx Beta?

Our first use cases during this beta revolve around photos, songs and videos.   At Lynx, we're particularly good in this area so this is where we started.   Here are some cool use cases below you can test to get you started.  Since this version of SmartLynx is integrated with the IFTTT service, you can easily come up with your own interesting use cases beyond those below. 

  • Automatically Play Your Favorite Songs to Connected Speakers
    • Examples:  
      • If your Arlo security camera detects motion, automatically play your favorite music playlist on any connected player in your network, such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, or any DLNA-enabled media renderer.  
  • Automatically Beam Photos to Your Connected TV
    • Example: Every time you favorite a public photo on Flickr, automatically beam that photo to any TV on your network, either directly or through Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast or any DLNA-enabled media renderer.
  • Automatically Store Photos, Videos and Songs to Your Device
    • Examples:
      • Every time you share any new video on Instagram, store it to the device on which SmartLynx is installed (PC or Mac today, coming to NAS later)
      • Every time you are tagged in a new photo on Facebook, automatically store it on your PC or Mac.