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Spring 2017



Lynx provides device connectivity software that allows consumers to quickly and securely discover and enjoy their media libraries and smart home devices, while coordinating and controlling them from any mobile device.  


New Twonky Player Now Available on Google Play

Lynx launched the new Twonky Player mobile app for Android on Google Play this month.  Built with the industry leading Twonky Mobile SDK, Twonky Player allows end users to play media files stored on their mobile device or home media server - videos, music and photos - and enjoy them on their TV or other home media players. End users can also download recordings of their favorite TV shows from DTCP-IP/DLNA-enabled STBs, DVRs and NAS devices to their mobile device and watch them on the go.

Twonky Player Adds Value to the Twonky Server Ecosystem

Lynx customers who currently provide our Twonky Server to their end users, now have another compatible media player, Twonky Player, available for end users.   Having another media player in the market increases the value of Twonky Server to the end user, and by extension the value of the device it is embedded in (e.g. NAS, STB, Router, Residential Gateway).

Twonky Player Main Screen.jpgTwonky Player Renderer Selection.jpg

           Main Screen                                                              Media Renderer Selection

Twonky Player Features

  • Play, beam, or download DTCP-IP protected media (Requires valid content license and a compatible player for beaming. Requires premium DTCP Compatibility feature enabled)
  • Play media directly on the mobile device or beam them to a home media player such as a connected TV
  • Download media from a home media server and play it on a tablet or phone offline
  • Create and manage a queue of media files
  • Browse, beam, or play media stored on a tablet, phone, or home media server
  • Share media on a tablet or phone with other devices

Coming to Apple App Store This Summer

Stay tuned, as an iOS version of Twonky Player will be released in the Apple App Store this summer.

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Lynx Enables Developer Community to Create Media Players Compatible with Twonky Server

At Lynx we believe the more Twonky Server compatible media players there are available to end users, the more valuable Twonky Server is to them.  Increasing the perceived value of Twonky Server to the end user, increases this same value of the device it is embedded in (e.g. NAS, STB, Router, Residential Gateway).  To enable the development of more media players, that are compatible with Twonky Server, we have decided to publish the Twonky Server REST APIs.  

How can Developers Leverage the Published Twonky Server REST APIs?

Developers who extend an existing media player, build a mobile app player, PC application or customized web UI - and implement the Twonky Server REST APIs - can now discover Twonky Server and all of its media files, without the need for a UPnP stack.  Further, these media players will be able to offer additional Twonky Server features such as media server aggregation, multi-user, Sonos, Chromecast, Fire TV and Apple TV support.

As Twonky Server is the leading media server on the market, developers who leverage our REST APIs now have a way of making their media players more attractive to end users.  The APIs are published at  


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