Twonky Adds IPv6 Support

Angela Scheller

Posted by Angela Scheller

Angela Scheller is Vice President of the Twonky Product Group at PacketVideo. Angela works at PV's office in Berlin, Germany.

September 16, 2015
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September is off to an exciting start, beginning with the September 1st announcement about the PacketVideo acquisition by Lynx Technology.  Over the past week we visited IFA in Berlin and IBC in Amsterdam.

Another big event last week was the announcement by Apple on September 9 to introduce its new 3D Touch iPhones, a giant iPad Pro, and an interactive Apple TV that will utilize the next iOS version, iOS9.  Apple’s iOS 9 will support IPv6-only network services.

iOS9 demands IPv6 support and Twonky delivers it.

Ipv4 Ipv6 chart

This is good news for Apple application developers (another customer segment we serve) because in June, Apple had notified app developers that all apps submitted to its App Store must support IPv6 starting in early 2016.

In addition to iOS9, Twonky’s IPv6 support will also include Linux, Windows and Mac. 

As we continue to update the industry-leading Twonky technology, we will be providing dual-stack support with parallel operations for IPv4 and IPv6, enabling multi-home support. Supporting both standards will allow Twonky-enabled applications to continue to work with existing devices, as well as to detect and support new IPv6-enabled devices in the home.

As always, Twonky’s proven performance and reliability comes from a continuous focus to keep up with changing and evolving standards so your consumers enjoy a seamless media experience when using your digital products and services.

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