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John Driver is Chairman and CEO at LynxTechnology.
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Have you updated your Android app to 64-bit?

April 28, 2020
Google has spoken: you are going to have to soon. read full blog

Lynx Enters the Smart Home

January 03, 2017
Today I’m proud to announce our entrance into the Smart Home market with our new product, SmartLynx.  If you know Lynx, our beginnings go back to a company called PacketVideo.  PacketVideo began with a mission to watch live TV on a feature phone, way back in 1998.   Since then the company has evolved into Lynx, and our focus has been on connected home use cases around photos, videos and music.   We have become extremely adept in providing robust and reliable media sharing solutions to consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers across the globe.   We are somewhat invisible to the end consumer, but believe me we are there when they are beaming their favorite videos and photos to connected TVs, or playing their favorite tunes on their connected speakers.  We have been providing this capability for 13 years now, and have improved and innovated it every year. read full blog

Observations From the IFA Conference

September 28, 2015
Earlier this month, I traveled to Berlin to attend the annual IFA tradeshow, which I attended last year as a member of the PacketVideo (PV) executive team. This year’s conference was even more exciting since I was attending this time as the CEO of Lynx Technology, following the acquisition of PV’s North American and European operations in March. read full blog

Introducing Lynx Technology!

September 01, 2015
Back in March, an exciting new chapter began for the employees and customers that were part of PacketVideo’s North American and European operations. On March 27, those PacketVideo (PV) operations were acquired by J.M. Driver LLC, a privately held company based in San Diego, California. read full blog

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