Announcing the Release of Twonky 8.2

Janice Cain

Posted by Janice Cain

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Lynx Technology

October 20, 2015
Announcing the Release of Twonky 8.2

Earlier today Lynx Technology announced the latest release of Twonky 8.2, the newest version of the world’s leading software development kit (SDK) for media connectivity. While Twonky has been the premier media connectivity solution for the connected home for more than a decade, this is the first update released as Lynx Technology.

With several new features that include adding IPv6 support and DIAL APIs to the SDK platform, Twonky 8.2 continues to deliver increased performance overall. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers around the world, knowing they rely on the proven performance and advanced capabilities of this industry-leading media connectivity solution.

While digital media technology for consumers has evolved dramatically over the past 11 years, one thing remains a constant: the Twonky engineering team’s dedication to ensuring it remains the top choice for consumer electronics companies, service providers and content providers serving the connected home.

As the connected home and smart home continue to evolve in the months and years ahead, there is no question that media will continue to be a vital component. Lynx Technology and Twonky will continue making it easy for our customers to ensure their consumers are able to enjoy the best and most advanced rich media experience possible.

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