In today's digital intensive, tech focused world -- where photos, video and music reside across a myriad of devices (including smart phones and TVs, tablets, PCs, game consoles, and other UPnP/DLNA devices) -- consumers want to easily and seamlessly connect all their media sources.

Whether it’s catching up on their favorite shows after dinner, sending new hit songs from their PC to their phone, "beaming" a funny YouTube video to their TV or sharing vacation photos with family members across the country, today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to the capabilities of their digital devices.

For Consumer Electronics companies, Service Providers and Content Providers who provide digital video, photo and music products or services to consumers, Lynx provides media connectivity software that allows consumers to quickly and securely discover their media libraries stored in the home, control them from any mobile device, and enjoy them on any screen or speaker.


Consumer Electronics
(CE) companies –

including wireless router, DVR,
NAS device, set-top box
manufacturers, and more


Service Providers
(SPs) –

including telecommunications,
wireless, broadband companies,
and cable/satellite operators


Providers –

including media and media
distribution companies

We have a rich history of collaborating with our valued customers to continually find innovative ways for our industry-leading Twonky technology to become a “can’t miss” device or service in the consumer’s daily routine.